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"Teaching kids tools to manage what is now the norm, a hectic daily life, is as important as teaching them to read." -Susan Kaiser Greenland

The world our children grow up in and the amount of information they take in on a daily basis is much different than it was just 20 years ago.  This can create anxiety, lack of focus and various other indicators of stress.  If a brain is under stress, it does not have the ability to focus on learning.  Resiliency is now more important than ever.

With over 30 years of research backing it, the practice of Mindfulness provides students with a well researched and scientifically proven skill to help them navigate uncomfortable situations and emotions.  With practice, this skill will last their entire lives.

Just some of the areas that see documented improvement
  • self-regulation
  • sense of well-being
  • social skills
  • ability to orient attention
  • working memory and planning
  • quality of sleep
  • anxiety
  • self esteem

Program effects will be measured and documented on an ongoing basis.  Teacher and student questionnaires will be completed both before and after the program.  At the conclusion of the program, parents and teachers will receive a report based on the students' learning and acquired Mindfulness skills



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The Essential Quest

The latest program from PeacefulMind Strategies will help you find your purpose in life.  Everyone struggles with this question and it is a source of upset, depression and confusion. What am I here for?  

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"Over a third of Grade 9-12 students reported that they were under a lot of stress (38%) and also reported they were nervous or anxious (34%) 'often' or 'all of the time.'" -Toronto DSB, 2013 Student Survey